Conservative Synagogue & Temple Membership in Scottsdale, Arizona

Temple Beth Emeth of Scottsdale supports tradional Jewish values in our independent, conservative synagogue. Apply for membership in Scottsdale, Arizona, to discover our time-honored beliefs.

Our Beliefs

Temple Beth Emeth of Scottsdale was established to promote education, religious, social, and recreational activities to help further the cause and objectives of Judaism in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our congregation embraces the traditions of egalitarian Conservative Judaism. We openly welcome all members of the Jewish community regardless of background and observance.

Shabbat Services

Experience our Shabbat services as we use traditional conservative prayer books, with supplemental readings in English. All congregants are encouraged to participate regardless of their Hebrew language skills. It is our hope to continue to be a viable source of Jewish spirit and practices in the area.  Please join us for Shabbat Services each Saturday morning at 10:00 am.

High Holy Day Services

While we hope you become a member, we also offer the opportunity to join us for the High Holy Day Services. There is no fee for a member’s family.

Yahrzeit Remembrance

Yahrzeit is a Yiddish word meaning anniversary of a death. It is customary to light a yahrzeit candle at sundown on the Hebrew anniversary. In the synagogue, yahrzeit is observed by reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish. All are welcome to attend our weekly Saturday morning Sabbath service and recite the Kaddish for your loved one. The Kaddish should be said on the Hebrew anniversary or on the Sabbath preceding the anniversary. Click here to get the Gregorian Date.

Temple Membership

Your membership with Temple Beth Emeth of Scottsdale provides you with a ticket for the High Holy Day services and access to all other Temple activities, including our weekly Shabbat morning services. Our dues are among the lowest in the area, and no other fees are currently assessed.

Contact us in Scottsdale, Arizona, to learn more about our conservative synagogue and how to apply for temple membership.